Young women sex at work

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Women were recruited from: We worked in conjunction with government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and trained peer educators from the Adolescent Health Development centre to identify, inform and invite potential participants into the study in person.

Young women sex at work

By describing how this structured, rapid appraisal identified similarities and differences between sites, we highlight key lessons that could be useful for other programmes attempting to reach this marginalised and often hidden key population. Chlamydia was not a notifiable infection, and testing facilities were not available locally during the time of this study. She has been using the pull-out method since she lost her virginity as a teenager, after discovering she had a latex allergy that caused her to break out in a localized rash.

Young women sex at work

Young women sex at work

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Sound has one of Sound's most severe HIV days, with heterosexual sex as the dating transmission give. Multivariable experts were not conducted to acquire predictors of HIV oriental because of the contact sample size and of HIV seroconversions. Young women sex at work

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  1. Prevalence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among young women engaged in sex work aboard foreign fishing vessels in Kiribati.

  2. Despite the economic benefits, unfavourable consequences have arisen such as an expansion of transactional sex defined as sex in exchange for money or resources in Kiribati among fishermen and seafarers from Asia and other Pacific countries with Kiribati women. Sociodemographic variables included age, marital status, education, and income.