Young mothers having sex with daughter

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HK advised on the conceptualization of the study, analysis of the data, and presentation of the results. Mothers were also more likely to say that they were sure it was the right developmental time to talk about sexual activity e.

Young mothers having sex with daughter

Marika Lindholm posted Jul 24th, at 2: America's adults and teens sound off about teen pregnancy. At this age, girls begin to understand complexity.

Young mothers having sex with daughter

Young mothers having sex with daughter

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  1. Gender differences in communication can be better understood by looking at gender differences in the factors that may influence communication. Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

  2. Similar to other studies [ 7 , 8 , 26 , 27 ], we found that mothers are generally more likely to talk to both their sons and their daughters about sex than fathers, and that mothers talk much more to their daughters than their sons. Parents of daughters both mothers and fathers are more disapproving of their children having sex than parents of sons, and they believe the consequences of sexual activity are more harmful for daughters.