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Most games place heavy restrictions on the most powerful skills to prevent this kind of spamming, however, and it is often only possible through the use of cheats. Spamming certain weapons that require a large amount of game data to use or deploy, such as smoke grenades, is known to cause lag , mainly because the computer cannot easily render the effects. The downside to move spamming is that it frequently leaves the player open to attack if they are not careful of when they spam a move.

You are sexy in spanish

Most games have some form of text messaging built for in-game communication, there is little to stop a frustrated player from flooding a server with text in the same way a user can flood a chat room. In addition to throwing fragmentation or explosive grenades, players can also spam smoke grenades, which obscures or completely eliminates vision and often lags the server. Buff , debuff , and condition spamming has the goal of making the player or his allies invulnerable, or the enemy too weak to react.

You are sexy in spanish

You are sexy in spanish

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  1. When multiple players spam the same area, it is near-impossible for the opposing players to avoid having their avatars wounded or killed, and this effectively denies that area to enemies. Enemy Territory or Battlefield 4 , Battlefield 3 , grenade spamming is also used to keep the enemy from passing through a needed passage, or to spam the objective itself while allies perform a flank attack on the pinned opponents.

  2. When used as a noun, the word refers to a type of fish that's similar to tuna and has the same name in English. Spawn points may be spammed using grenades, proximity mines, bullets, or other weaponry.