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They argued that while Hungary had the right to full internal independence, under the Pragmatic Sanction of , foreign affairs and defense were "common" to both Austria and Hungary. The monarch's common government, in which its ministers were appointed by the Monarch and responsible to him, had the responsibility for the army , for the navy , for foreign policy, and for the customs union.

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By the late s, a large number of Hungarians who had supported the —49 revolution were willing to accept the Habsburg monarchy. This split had to be negotiated every decade. In particular, Hungarian leaders demanded and received the Emperor's coronation as King of Hungary and the re-establishment of a separate parliament at Pest with powers to enact laws for the lands of the Holy Crown of Hungary.

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  1. Overlapping responsibilities between the joint ministries and the ministries of the two halves caused friction and inefficiencies. Although the unified government determined the overall military direction, the Austrian and Hungarian governments each remained in charge of recruiting, supplies and training.

  2. In this sense Austria-Hungary remained under an authoritarian government, as the Emperor-King appointed both Austrian and Hungarian Prime ministers along with their respective cabinets. It was triggered by disagreement over which language to use for command in Hungarian army units, and deepened by the advent to power in Budapest in April of a Hungarian nationalist coalition.

  3. Kriegsmarine War Fleet and, during the war, the k. Each half of the Dual Monarchy proved quite prepared to disrupt common operations to advance its own interests.

  4. However, the ministers ultimately answered only to the monarch who had the final decision on matters of foreign and military policy.