Womens health and sex clinics toronto

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Services are provided primarily in English, though services may be available in Spanish depending on the practitioners on staff. They offer translation and interpretation, including both Portuguese and Spanish, for all health services, and provide assistance in accessing housing, employment and legal aid services. To learn more or volunteer, click here.

Womens health and sex clinics toronto

Hassle Free Clinic The largest HIV and STI testing clinics in the country, Hassle Free is a community-based clinic that aims to provide sexual health related medical and counselling services in an informal, timely, non-bureaucratic environment. All services are provided primarily in English; however, there are several staff and volunteers on hand who may be able to provide additional support in one of the following languages:

Womens health and sex clinics toronto

Womens health and sex clinics toronto

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  1. As a part of their mandate, WHIWH strives to provide the information, education and support necessary for women to understand and advocate for their own health care needs.

  2. All STI testing is confidential, conducted through a private lab and are free of charge. Leave us a comment or send us an email at info lorettamurphytranslations.