Woman and their sex toy

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I prefer stronger, rumbly vibrations, but others may prefer gentler types. We're here to shed light on a few of our most popular sex toys for women and how to use them, whether you're exploring alone or experimenting with a partner.

Woman and their sex toy

In the same vein, I was once charging up a vibrator and the plug exploded in the socket. Check out the buzz below. What about with other people, specifically men?

Woman and their sex toy

Woman and their sex toy

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  1. I start by telling them I write about sexuality matters, gauge their response to that, then bring it around to sex toy reviews if the conversation has a friendly flow. The main feature is, of course, whether it works for me personally.

  2. My partner and I enjoy including sex toys in our varied sex life, as well as enjoying their features for solo pleasure, too.