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But they also reverse the symbolism of white and that is a powerfully negative colour to them. Both demanded appeasement by sacrifice. An interbreeding programme only a few thousand years ago between the reptilian Anunnaki and white Martian bloodlines already interbred with the reptilians on Mars, would have produced a very high reptilian genetic content.

Woman and hores sex video

According to Greek legend, Chronos swallowed his children as fast as they were born because he feared they would overthrow him. Molech Moloch seems to be one particularly associated with eating babies, and one called Choronzon.

Woman and hores sex video

Woman and hores sex video

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  1. We have seen that the accounts of the Watchers and their offspring, the Nefilim , include references to their blood drinking activities. Molech Moloch seems to be one particularly associated with eating babies, and one called Choronzon.

  2. Yahweh-Jehovah makes it plain in the Book of Numbers that " It is this energy on which many of the lower fourth dimensional reptilians either feed or use to manifest in this dimension.

  3. He also made allegations about sacrificing babies and aborting foetuses. Confirmation of this comes from a stream of accounts by modern victims of Satanism.

  4. At a site near modern Tunis six thousand urns were found containing the charred remains of infants.