Wi level 3 sex offenders

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Keep information general, as it may protect them from others who would try to harm them as well. How does an offender who is eligible for parole go about getting parole?

Wi level 3 sex offenders

Any person who commits a FELONY on or after December 31, , and is sentenced to at least one year of confinement in prison would have their prison time followed by a period of extended supervision upon release. They may be allowed to travel to and from work, school, stores, and other appointments. Individuals are included in the registry solely by virtue of their conviction record and state law.

Wi level 3 sex offenders

Wi level 3 sex offenders

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  1. Offenders will not have their sentence reduced for good behavior; however offenders who violate prison rules may have additional days added to the confinement portion of their sentence.

  2. If the Parole Interview does not result in a Parole grant, there will be a comment from the Parole Commissioner as to when the offender may be eligible for Parole again.

  3. Tell your parents if this person offers you toys, money or gifts. The purpose behind community notification is to reduce the chances of future victimization of people and to avoid situations that might allow for victimization.

  4. If a citizen observes an offender engaging in suspicious or illegal behavior, the citizen should notify local law enforcement and the offender's agent.