Why sex is good for your relationship

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In stress tests, including public speaking and doing mental arithmetic out loud, the people who had no sex at all had the highest stress levels. The researchers gave the participants smartphones to use for recording their responses, all of which were collected over the course of two weeks when the participants periodically received signals from the phone to complete the assessment. One study of 10, men found those who felt "loved and supported" by their spouse had a reduced risk of angina.

Why sex is good for your relationship

The good sex, then, would simply follow the good relationship dynamics. Similar effects have been found for non-sexual stroking, although this appears to only reduce blood pressure in women who are stroked, not men. Sex between partners helps to maintain an overall sense of well—being.

Why sex is good for your relationship

Why sex is good for your relationship

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  1. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, ; People who were in a close relationship or married were more likely to say they felt in "very good" or "excellent" health than just "good" or "poor".