Why is makeup sex good

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Joel agrees that couples shouldn't use post-coital bliss as a band-aid for post-argument anger, but she does offer a great alternative: Quantity of sex is worked out between you, as is quality and creativity.

Why is makeup sex good

You can expect some details of your love-life to change with age, lifestyle, health and desires, among other things, but there are certain things that may never change, such as your trusted turn-ons and turn-offs. Because of this spectrum, the most complicated emotions are the ones we feel the most deeply.

Why is makeup sex good

Why is makeup sex good

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  1. If the bond is still in pretty good shape, make-up sex can help ease the wounds caused by words. And while at first the arousal of anger may not feel sexy, we're biologically wired to respond to any threat to our relationship, even if it's created by us, relationship psychologist canidate Samantha Joel explained in a blog post about the study for Psychology Today.

  2. There are many ways in which people seek to reconnect or feel bonded and physical love, touch, affection and sex are among the favourites.

  3. Because these individuals get sick of feeling the negative extreme end of the spectrum, they hunger to switch gears and jump to the opposite end of the spectrum—to feel the high that comes with making up," he writes.

  4. This rush of adrenaline, noradrenaline a hormone and neurotransmitter , and testosterone triggers a state of extreme arousal, says a new study from the University of Valencia in Spain. What suits one couple might not suit all couples.