Why does the virgina swell after sex

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After they burst, the spots turn into painful sores that may take at least one week to heal. Surgery is often necessary to remove a troublesome Gartner's duct cyst. They secrete moisture and help to provide lubrication.

Why does the virgina swell after sex

Your doctor will decide the best option for you based on your symptoms and the underlying cause of the inflammation. It can cause vaginal swelling, and other symptoms may include:

Why does the virgina swell after sex

Why does the virgina swell after sex

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  1. Thin thongs or G-strings may not cover the labia entirely, which may cause unnecessary friction in the area throughout the day that can lead to swelling.

  2. It may also be a good idea to avoid products such as douches, which disrupt the bacterial balance in the vagina.

  3. However, if other symptoms occur — or the swelling and discomfort is too burdensome — talk with your doctor. A Gartner's duct cyst may become infected or cause pain and swelling in the vagina.

  4. The remaining tissue may attach to the vaginal wall and develop into a cyst. In some cases, the cyst will appear as a growth on the outside of the vagina.