Why does oral sex feel better than vaginal

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It feels like a piece of your soul is riding a little tiny inner tube down a creamy river, and while you feel accomplished in that very powerful moment, all you want is for her to leave you and your penis alone so that the missing piece of soul can be sewed back up. Second, given our interest in comparing oral to vaginal sex, we focused our examination to behaviors with other-sex partners. These results contribute to our understanding of oral sex as a normative part of sexuality development, with consequences distinct from vaginal sex.

Why does oral sex feel better than vaginal

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Oral versus vaginal sex among adolescents: Measurement of motivations for and against sexual behavior.

Why does oral sex feel better than vaginal

Why does oral sex feel better than vaginal

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  1. I would have put my money on P in the V winning out here, but apparently there's nothing that beats someone going downtown on you. Oral versus vaginal sex among adolescents: