Why do people love sex so much

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Men with more testosterone are also more likely to be found attractive by women, according to researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan, US. Studies have found that the longer and deeper a man has slept, the higher his testosterone levels. I can't really explain it.

Why do people love sex so much

Normally all I think about is non-sexual affection and connecting on other levels, but when the sexual aspect falls into place, it's just "there". It is not true that men think about sex more often than women do.

Why do people love sex so much

Why do people love sex so much

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  1. It amazes us that all these daily fantasies do not become a big, erotic fantasy that remains with us throughout our lives for some, that might be the case. The very feeling that I am able to satisfy him is a great pleasure.

  2. Other theories even claim that there are only three seconds between one and the next erotic thought of man. A University of Texas study showed that women who had 20 minutes of cardio were more aroused by seeing an erotic film than those who had not exercised.

  3. Women also make testosterone -the main sex drive hormone -but produce a fraction of the amount and it rises by only a tiny bit overnight.