Why do girls cry when they have sex

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For most who experience it, however, past trauma has nothing to do with the tears on their pillow. Men have been known to shed a few tears after sex, too. For people with a rock solid sense of who they are and what they want both in the bedroom and in life , the authors of the study think PCD is less likely.

Why do girls cry when they have sex

Don't worry, a postcoital cry doesn't have much to do with the strength of your relationship, the level of intimacy between you and your partner, or how good the sex is. Five percent of people in the study had experienced it a few times in the past month.

Why do girls cry when they have sex

Why do girls cry when they have sex

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  1. About five percent report having PCD a few times within the past four weeks. While prolactin helps women feel sexually satisfied, the flip-side is that it can also spark other feelings - it is one of the main chemical messages that triggers weeping in women, but not in men.

  2. An orgasm can be one of nature's most powerful drugs. I know this doesn't tell you much about the population at large, but unless we're talking about the same woman, I guess it's out there.