Why am i scared to have sex

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You might also like. Depending on how intense the feelings are, this might cause a person to become fearful of sexual intimacy.

Why am i scared to have sex

Various kinds of psychotherapy have been shown to be beneficial for phobias, including cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and exposure therapy. I also feel that maybe she is playing a game with me. Try to pinpoint the moment and cause of your discomfort during erotic encounters.

Why am i scared to have sex

Why am i scared to have sex

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  1. Rape or sexual assault can cause PTSD and various kinds of sexual dysfunction, including negative associations with sex.

  2. A sex therapist can also be helpful for addressing genophobia. We have never had any penetration so far.

  3. Treatment for genophobia If there is a physical component present, such as vaginismus , this can be treated accordingly.