Who has had the most sex ever

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I was totally disconnected with the world. If Castro wanted sex, then Castro had sex and that was pretty much all there was to it.

Who has had the most sex ever

Thank goodness I was quite drunk and just imagined having sex with someone else to block him out - and before you know it, it was over. The first thought that springs to mind is, why the hell would Annette Bening marry someone that had sex with 12, women?

Who has had the most sex ever

Who has had the most sex ever

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  2. His number sits at a ridiculous 35, women. If you are a guy, you might envy him and wish you were like him.

  3. Well, it took place in one bare, brightly lit room, on floor beds organized in neat rows, a big old camera recorded everything, and you were only allowed to have sex with the person you came with. But you know, even if Wilt embellished a little, and maybe he did, he is still way above anyone else in this list.

  4. Longest time spent masturbating The afore-mentioned legendary Masturbate-a-thon which raises money for sex-related causes and celebrates May as Masturbation Month is all about weird and wonderful wanking, but even those competing know when enough is enough. Wilt was one of the very best basketball players of all time.