Who can i talk to about my sexuality

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Who can i talk to about my sexuality

Figuring out who you are and accepting yourself is the first step for anyone thinking about coming out. Often trans or transgender is used as an umbrella term for the diversity of genders, however some people may not use the word trans at all, or may use it in partnership with a different word.

Who can i talk to about my sexuality

Who can i talk to about my sexuality

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  1. Trained Befrienders are there to listen to your problems, questions or concerns, whatever they are, in a caring and non-judgemental way.

  2. Some people feel differently about their bodies to the way other people may expect them to, for example a boy with male genitals may feel emotionally like a girl.

  3. Puberty means the physical and emotional changes that happen when someone grows from a child into an adult.