When to have sex for a baby boy

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For mothers having their first baby, the total sex ratio at birth was overall, with some years at In a study around , the natural sex ratio at birth was estimated to be close to 1. Prenatal sex discernment[ edit ] Sign in an Indian hospital stating that prenatal sex determination is not done there and is illegal Ultrasonography image showing the fetus is a boy.

When to have sex for a baby boy

Basically, what these women say chances of giving birth to a male baby are higher when you have intercourse without candles, romance and a long prelude. Ways To Conceive A Boy With Cough Syrup As strange as this may sound, there are lots of women who claim they conceived a baby boy after using cough syrup a couple of hours before having intimate relationship. This United States study also noted that American mothers of Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Cuban and Japanese ethnicity had the highest sex ratio, with years as high as and average sex ratio of over the year study period.

When to have sex for a baby boy

When to have sex for a baby boy

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  1. A good example of products that considerably lower the chances of conceiving a baby is represented by alcoholic beverages. Giving that male sperm is even more fragile than female one, is easy to understand why smoking kills sperm carrying the Y chromosome faster than female sperm.