When i have sex it burns

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But it was the troublesome sex life that mostly preoccupied these women. But the medical term vestibulodynia is new. The tampon consumption among women with vestibulodynia is naturally very low.

When i have sex it burns

They all felt guilty for not being able to be satisfactory sex partners, and they all felt like they were not true women, since they were unable to have penetrative sex. This is how Groven and Haugstad, both physiotherapists and researchers, became aware of the phenomenon. They start looking for the stress.

When i have sex it burns

When i have sex it burns

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  1. But then it kept happening again and again. Groven and Haugstad operate with the figures per cent of all women between the age of twenty and forty.

  2. The theory that it is caused by vaginal yeast infection has been abandoned by many researchers today. The major variation concerning experiences with vestibulodynia may be one of the reasons why it is so difficult to say anything specific about how many women are affected.

  3. But although Haugstad has definitely met women who fit into the clever-stressed-girl stereotype, Groven emphasises that none of the eight women in the study live particularly stressful lives. There was much more diversity than what I had imagined when I read about this in the media.