Whats the word for being controled during sex

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Because women may be more oriented toward sex for the sake of their relationship with a partner, we predicted that male students would have lesser odds of experiencing positive interpersonal consequences than female students. Thus, it is important to understand the subjective experience of sexual behavior in emerging adulthood, as well as factors, such as relationship with a partner, that may be associated with more positive or negative outcomes.

Whats the word for being controled during sex

Male college students who engaged in sex with a non-dating partner had fewer depressive symptoms than those who never had casual sex Grello et al. This past research examined how individuals may be motivated to have sex to experience a particular consequence, whereas our measure assessed whether these consequences were actually experienced. The model is used in many batterer intervention programs, and is known as the Duluth model.

Whats the word for being controled during sex

Whats the word for being controled during sex

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  1. I was saving it for myself. Third, whereas most studies of subjective consequences of sex have ignored situational factors that may contribute to a more positive or negative experience, we examined how consequences of sex differ across two key situational factors:

  2. Since its inception, the World Health Organization has defined health as involving physical, mental and social well-being World Health Organization, , and consequences of sex may play a role in each of these three dimensions.

  3. Due to our focus on immediate consequences of sex, only days in which participants reported having vaginal sex were included in these analyses. Although the majority of emerging adults age 18—25; Arnett, have engaged in sexual intercourse, little is known about the consequences of sex they experience, other than STIs and pregnancy.