What sex is my goldfish

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Once inside, they unlocked the door for the remaining raiders to enter, locked the house mother in her apartment, and cut the light and phone lines. It had been arranged on a late spring night that some of the women in the female dormitory would leave a door unlocked so that the "raiders" could get inside.

What sex is my goldfish

So the night was not a total loss. As we approached the dormitory, the college president, Ralph Ropp, the Dean of Men, and a large group of policemen confronted us. History[ edit ] Panty raids were the first college craze after World War II , following the s crazes of goldfish swallowing or seeing how many students could fit in a phone booth.

What sex is my goldfish

What sex is my goldfish

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  1. A panty raid was an American s college prank in which large groups of male students attempted to invade the living quarters of female students and steal their panties undergarments as the trophies of a successful raid.