What oil to use for sex

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Are there oil based sexual lubricants that are safe to use? Remember — this applies to men as well as women.

What oil to use for sex

Oil based lubricants give a great long-lasting, silky smooth experience. For women going through menopause, coconut oil may be especially helpful. However, just like with vaginal sex, baby oil can make condoms break and render barrier protection useless, making the transmission of STDs easier.

What oil to use for sex

What oil to use for sex

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  1. As it stays inside the vagina it can upset the vagina flora causing an imbalance in pH which can lead to an infection such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis. It may weaken latex condoms One study showed that exposing commercial latex condoms to mineral oil for as little as 60 seconds can decrease their efficacy by as much as 90 percent.