What is the longest sex scene

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Getty Festival goers dance on a float during the LA Pride parade. Again with the spit lube, though?

What is the longest sex scene

Tatyana, you put the kegal in wtf. Horst sent his semen flying a whopping 18ft and 9 inches away

What is the longest sex scene

What is the longest sex scene

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  1. There are so many incredible sex scenes, I had a hard time just picking one, but I will say that the final scene is so beautiful that it brought me to tears — and it's a handjob!

  2. At a certain point, Mila lifts her head up from eating Natalie out only to reveal that she is in fact Natalie, and that Natalie is eating Natalie out. The Phallological Museum in Reykjavik Iceland holds the record for the biggest collection of penises, with specimens from 93 species on show to stare at.