What is a sex change opporation

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There are risks of bleeding and infections - as is the case with any other major surgery. Possible Complications and Risks A sex reassignment surgery is a major procedure that comes with significant risks.

What is a sex change opporation

It leads to experiencing conflict with the society, including parents and social circle, along with conflicts with the self. Hence, transgender people should be well informed of these risks before choosing to undergo SRS.

What is a sex change opporation

What is a sex change opporation

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  1. In the medium and long term there is a risk of loss of depth 23 , 24 , 30 , e15 , e23 , e25 or breadth 24 , 30 , e11 , e19 , e25 of the neovagina in particular. In fact, several factors that characterize a person based on his or her gender are controlled by hormones; these include the size of the breasts, hair growth in various parts of the body, and total muscle mass.