What guys think about sex

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Contraceptives not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, they also protect individuals against sexually transmitted infections. I have an old Budweiser tee you could wear? And the halo of this experience hangs for a long time, which is why we sometimes feel the need to objectify you.

What guys think about sex

Guys definitely would not think this. Cue Kanye West singing, regretfully:

What guys think about sex

What guys think about sex

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  1. In addition to sex, men thought about food and sleep with equal frequency. There is probably no worse feeling than having a girl about to go down on you and freaking the fuck out about what the situation is down there.

  2. Your pleasure is more about our ego than…well…your pleasure. Of course everyone is different, but as a year-old hetero guy living in New York City these seem to be a pretty accurate portrait of how a lot of men perceive sex with women.

  3. Also, am I alone in thinking it's better to take it off slowly? If she decides to bring you over and also decides you're weird AF, please believe you'll be happily sleeping on the couch.

  4. So you mean to tell me the guy with flawless hair has a tangled hose in his pants? We need a lot of different factors to come together to have a truly perfect sexual experience, and most of the time these things have very little to do with how you look or how your body feels.