What does sex in the ear mean

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Because usable data occasionally were missing for an interval or an ear, the Ns varied slightly across conditions and comparisons. AEPs long have been known to exhibit sex differences in latency or amplitude of certain peaks e.

What does sex in the ear mean

A second difference between the two studies that proved relevant during data analysis see below was bioamplifiers from different manufacturers. It just seems loud.

What does sex in the ear mean

What does sex in the ear mean

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  1. Of interest were differences in interpeak intervals between the sexes, between people of differing sexual orientations, and between the two ears of stimulation. As noted, the intervals were calculated using only the data collected from the electrode array on the same side of the head as the clicks were presented ipsilateral left and ipsilateral right.

  2. Want to be poorer? Any sweep having a peak voltage exceeding a predetermined criterion was discarded.

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