What celeberties have sex tapes

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Hey, at least none of his crazy friends pranked him during the act. Did we miss one?

What celeberties have sex tapes

The video eventually surfaced in the early s and they're still unsure who released the tape, Stevie J denies it was him. As of , this video was reportedly being shopped around. The sex tape was said to have propelled Paris Hilton to international fame.

What celeberties have sex tapes

What celeberties have sex tapes

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  1. Once released, the video caused a media sensation Their tape, looking relatively ancient in terms of quality, was leaked back in and featured another woman.

  2. After settling, Clem publically apologized to Hogan. Little did the couple know that one of their so-called "friends" got their hands on it, released it to the public, and probably made a killing.