Warming micro tingler sex toy

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The nonporous surface of the plastic bullet means that there is no place for bacteria to grow, making this little vibe an extremely hygienic option for play, especially if you'll be enjoying it for the anal possibilities it offers. They also make great vibrators for travelling with, tucking away discreetly in handbags or luggage and barely making a sound when operating.

Warming micro tingler sex toy

Rechargeable and water resistant. The thick bunny ears hug your clitoris and the bunny nose provides pinpoint stimulation.

Warming micro tingler sex toy

Warming micro tingler sex toy

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  1. Charge for minutes for 60 minutes of powerful stimulation. And the common AA batteries can be found just about anywhere, including here, so you can enjoy the shivery tingle of the Tingler right away.

  2. And though the vibrations are powerful you'll find they are ultra quiet, allowing you to keep play with the Micro Tingler completely private. Not only does it provide the perfect amount of stimulation against nipples or clitoris but its potent vibrations and versatile design allow for some amazing vaginal and anal stimulation as well.

  3. Experience a soft prickle, a rhythmic pulsation or a sensuous pushing. The Long Tingler is a full 7.

  4. It has a silky smooth finish and ten vibration settings that are whisper quiet. Rechargeable Wand Vibrator has a smooth silicone head and features 8 vibration modes.