Virgin sex with a woman

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To ease her tension even further, spend plenty of time cuddling before getting undressed. As you put on a condom just before intercourse which you absolutely should , be sure to use a water-based lubricant which both Nooky Lube and SmoovLube mentioned above are , to avoid the risk of condom breakage.

Virgin sex with a woman

This allows you to avoid ejaculating and losing your erection too quickly so you can last comfortably as long as you need to. You will have to take it slow and read her signals, yes, indeed, but you will also need to be the one who knows how to do stuff. Lovemaking is a an emotional experience for any woman; these emotions are magnified for a virgin — so make sure she feels emotionally safe with you.

Virgin sex with a woman

Virgin sex with a woman

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  1. Just because you've done this before, it doesn't mean you don't need to consider your own feelings.

  2. Instead, guide her hand to your pleasure spots showing her what you like. A whole weekend is even better because this gives you unrushed time to create that special "to.