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Vilnius gay

I have to say that I wasn't surprised to see "sex stalls" at the back near the washrooms. The Parliament and the Government of Lithuania refuse to take any actions on adopting such a law after it lost the case of L v. Also, the fact that there are SO many small rooms makes it cozier to talk to locals, but be aware that most locals come here in groups of friends, so unless you make it known that you're solo and wanting to talk to people, they won't approach you.

Vilnius gay

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  1. Lithuania in the European Court of Human Rights in Nevertheless, the Commission of Family and Child Affairs of the Lithuanian Parliament "expressed a concern if there were enough legal barriers to prevent people of non-traditional orientation to adopt".

  2. The perpetrators are usually fined, and their computers occasionally get confiscated. On 17 September , the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the law and requesting the EU Fundamental Rights Agency to issue a legal opinion on it.

  3. This time the parade attracted much more attention because Lithuania at that time was in charge of the presidency of the Council of the European Union.