Views of sex in the classroom

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The last topic involved analyses of their own experiences and of a range of vignettes, and an introduction to the concept of a consent continuum. This issue was discussed in 10 of the 18 focus groups. Peer educators were encouraged to deal honestly and openly with factual questions, to respect confidentiality, to encourage the articulation of students' implicitly held values, and to use ground rules designed to deter personal comments and questions in their interaction with the target students.

Views of sex in the classroom

Additionally this was seen as a way of involving students who seemed excluded from groups or who did not seem to be participating in the lesson. Of a possible 26 focus group discussions two each in 13 schools , 18 were carried out in 10 of the Opportunities to practise putting condoms on demonstrators and information on local sexual health services were offered on all the training courses.

Views of sex in the classroom

Views of sex in the classroom

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  1. Fishbein and Ajzen, ; Gollwitzer, ], and specified messages are required by the standardization necessary for a randomized controlled trial. Issues relating to classroom space and the timing of the sessions in the school day were raised in nine of the focus groups.

  2. The boys opened up a little and you found that some of them had a sensitive side to their personality. Early evaluations of such interventions are encouraging.

  3. I don't think I would have been able to before the course, though. You learn more about the type of people boys are and how they feel.