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Hungarian leader Viktor Orban was last week presented with a gift painting by the people of Bulgaria to congratulate him on his efforts to protect Europe from Muslim mass migration. Three locals were hurt this week in a scuffle with riot police near the area chosen to build the migrant centre, or hotspot, including a journalist covering the protest, who was later detained. A 25 year-old Gambian was also detained with five grams of marijuana.

Very young amateur sex video

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Very young amateur sex video

Very young amateur sex video

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  2. A 39 year old Algerian migrant has appeared in court after DNA testing identified him as the rapist. But I just kept drinking water until I vomited water and then went to sleep, still shivering, listening to my mother and my stepfather doddering about downstairs like cartoon bears, thinking, Who are these fucking people and why do they still let me into their house?