Useing chocolet surp during sex play

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However, before doing so make sure it's at room temperature because if it's too cold, it may not feel so comfortable. Just make sure she's fond of them first.

Useing chocolet surp during sex play

So obviously, lying naked on the bed, kissing and licking each other occasionally, feeding each other, and incorporating sexual play into your fun is what I mean by "sex. All the fruit should be washed, and besides the cherries, the rest should be prepared accordingly.

Useing chocolet surp during sex play

Useing chocolet surp during sex play

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  1. Whether it's fruit or anything else, make sure it's in bite-size form and not one big, food-in-your-teeth mess.

  2. This is a high school classic. This can be a fun, slow way to get aroused if you and your partner enjoy close intimacy.

  3. You are, after all, trying to keep the mood sexual. The last thing you want is to literally be stuck to your woman and have to rip all the hair off your chest in order to get up.