Tv series with high sexual content

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The sexual humor derives from the odd sexual requests that Hannah Baxter Billie Piper receives as a high-class call girl in London. In the late 90s, it wasn't uncommon to see bare breasts or butts in sex scenes. Men have even credited the show for giving insight into the female perspective on sex and relationships.

Tv series with high sexual content

In fact, for some characters, including males, it was a rarity to be clothed at all. In its six seasons, there are only two instances of the full male form.

Tv series with high sexual content

Tv series with high sexual content

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  1. Some critics have praised Queer as Folk for portraying the most realistic sex scenes in film and TV history - after all, it was the first show to feature a simulated sex scene between two men. In later seasons, particularly season seven, topless women became much more prevalent.

  2. There are no boundaries to the amount of time the main character Hannah Lena Dunham, who also created the show spends naked in the show.