Treatment of juvenile sex offenders in massachusetts

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For example, a frequent emphasis on reduction of deviant sexual arousal does not correspond with what is known about juveniles who sexually offend. Given these ethical imperatives and the numerous public and private agencies devoted to funding research on mental and behavioral health problems, why is there so little research on treatments for juveniles who sexually offend? Multisystemic treatment of adolescent sexual offenders.

Treatment of juvenile sex offenders in massachusetts

We bear a moral duty to increase scrutiny of extant treatment approaches and to develop new and innovative approaches that are effective and that clearly do no harm. There are, however, many encouraging signs that professionals responsible for the well-being of juvenile sexual offenders and their victims are beginning to question adult-based interventions including legal policies that target juvenile sexual offenders. These roles have given her a perspective that many Boston attorneys lack.

Treatment of juvenile sex offenders in massachusetts

Treatment of juvenile sex offenders in massachusetts

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  1. Current System The most recent substantial change to the juvenile delinquency code took place in with the enactment of the "Youthful Offender" statute. Evaluation of a sexual offender treatment program.

  2. Current Treatments Specialized treatments for juveniles who have engaged in sexually aggressive behavior have been widely available since see Knopp et al.