Transylvania 6500

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Perceived to be dead, it is later learned she was just sleeping. Seeing them leave, a gypsy woman orders her male companion to bring them to her. The police arrive, but refuse to listen to Jack's story and order him put in the local police lockup.

Transylvania 6500

The story ties together after Jack is attacked by the Wolfman. Malavaqua also displays a tendency towards madness when within the confines of his laboratory, but returns to normal when he leaves it.

Transylvania 6500

Transylvania 6500

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  1. The story ties together after Jack is attacked by the Wolfman. Gil eventually sneaks in and finds Percek and Malavaqua talking about the latter's "experiments", including one involving a patient, Kurt Hunyadi, that fits the description of the Frankenstein monster, which Malavaqua claimed had died.

  2. Gil immediately sets out on their assignment, just as quickly drawing hysterical ridicule when he tries to question a hotel desk clerk about the whereabouts of Frankenstein, who shares Gil's inquiries with the staff and patrons, including the mayor Jeffrey Jones. Perceived to be dead, it is later learned she was just sleeping.

  3. Jack and Gil arrive at their hotel, which resembles a 17th-century castle, complete with a gated entrance, but adorned with an "Opening Soon!