Top sex lube for couples

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Problems with this oil are that it stains the sheets, is difficult to wash off, and can get too slippery. The gel also helps activate natural moisture to enhance intimacy and pleasure when being used between you and your lady.

Top sex lube for couples

Some say the best lubricant for women is getting their partner to cook! No muss, no fuss, no need to reapply. With less expensive water-based lube you will find reapplication is necessary which can sometimes put a dent in your sex session, Slippery Stuff lasts forever.

Top sex lube for couples

Top sex lube for couples

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  1. They generally require soap and water for clean-up. This is one of the chief drawbacks of water-based lube, since we all know that in the heat of the moment, an interruption is probably the worst thing that could happen.