Top 10 sexiest men in hollywood

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Although this is quite a comprehensive list, yet this list may not have included many more super stars of Hollywood, which might disappoint or outrage their fans. George Clooney Now who wouldn't give George Clooney the title?! Idris attended school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in acting, before he dropped

Top 10 sexiest men in hollywood

In , Cruise worked again with Steven Spielberg in War of the Worlds, which became the fourth highest-grossing film of the year. However, the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and screen since his television debut Affleck and his brother regularly attended theater performances with their mother, and were encouraged to make their own home movies.

Top 10 sexiest men in hollywood

Top 10 sexiest men in hollywood

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  1. Clooney also produced August: Pick your own line-up of hottest actors and cute famous guys and use it to re-rank this list.

  2. The internet begged to differ, however, with social media comparing Shelton to things that are not sexy. He acted with his friend Ben Affleck in Dogma