Tips for same sex wedding

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Want to walk up the aisle unaccompanied? After all, with carte blanche to look and feel exactly how you want, the sky is the limit, be it goth, glam, grunge or something else entirely that is uniquely and unquestionably you. Share Share By Marcus At heart a wedding is about nothing more than two people in love standing up and declaring their love to be permanent.

Tips for same sex wedding

If you are starting with a blank slate, perhaps do research on some of the most loved LGBTQ-friendly vendors in your area. Like all couples, you will want to start shopping early. A bride and groom, for example, might ponder how to fit in everyone they want.

Tips for same sex wedding

Tips for same sex wedding

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  1. Or maybe the brides have so many mutual friends they would prefer to have a joint long lunch than separate festivities. Or something entirely different altogether.