The wayward cloud sex scene

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Oh, and the wonderfully game Lee gives us his rendition of The Laughing Polka dragged up in a pink polka-dot frock, surrounded by Busby Berkeleyish extras with watermelon umbrellas. The city is in a state of severe drought, meaning that the characters spend half their time either carrying bottles of store-bought water or watermelons around the dingy and vacant corridors of their domicile.

The wayward cloud sex scene

On a rare jaunt outside, she also manages to lose one of her keys inside some freshly laid tarmac. He makes us respond to his ballsiest gambits whether we like it or not.

The wayward cloud sex scene

The wayward cloud sex scene

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  1. Spectacularly, just a minute or two in, Tsai sets up the fantasy parameters of his idea with one of the most comically bizarre sex scenes ever shot.

  2. These musical sequences have a curious, otherworldly rhythm, as if acted out in slow motion then speeded back up to regular pace in the edit.

  3. Hsiao-kang, in a gorgeously lit sequence, climbs up to the roof of their building, and washes his hair in the dirty residual pool of a water tower at night.