The sims 3 sex mod

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Known Issues Occasionally sims do not display their facial expressions. A skin texture which includes anatomical details.

The sims 3 sex mod

If there's a 'flash' during animation transitions. Added translations of the mod's Options into Czech. Reference Guide describing Jazz script commands by Simoro.

The sims 3 sex mod

The sims 3 sex mod

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  1. Options If your active sim clicks on themselves, you can set several options: Sex on a couch or loveseat:

  2. How To Use Sex on a bed: Let the randy little folks finish their fun first, then save the game.

  3. After the daydream, select another sim or position. There's no jealousy or romantic reputation side effects, just good old hedonistic delight.

  4. Once daydreaming, click on another sim and select a sex position. Note that the text for new interactions has not been translated into all languages yet, only English, Italian, Russian, and Thai so far.

  5. Countless valuable threads discussing modding techniques at the Mod The Sims Forums. Your options are saved separately for each game.