The sex pistols anarchy in the uk

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God save the Sex Pistols. Who needs to consider the indignities Wynonie Harris, the Treniers or Sister Rosetta Tharp suffered while making their art when we can just smile and sway to Oasis? I think they could have become The Who.

The sex pistols anarchy in the uk

Petula Clark was not even a vaguely political singer, but by making an important gesture at a crucial time, she made a political statement that was vastly more impactful than a hundred anti-war and protest songs. Host Bill Grundy was patronizing, dismissive and insulting to the band, whose accents clearly identified them as working class.

The sex pistols anarchy in the uk

The sex pistols anarchy in the uk

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  1. Both of these seemingly small changes show the singer positing a more active, messianic role in the revolution, and I wish these lyrics had been retained. Malcolm McLaren was a brilliant and original cultural instigator, but he was one of the most incompetent and destructive managers in music history.

  2. Today, the incident that led to EMI dropping the band seems trivial—until you put it in context.