The monitoring of serious sex offenders

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This includes those convicted for crimes interstate or internationally. Doncaster A new authority will keep watch over Victoria's worst sex offenders after their release from prison, taking over the responsibility from the state's parole board. The Board may at any time, give a relevant offender any instruction or direction.

The monitoring of serious sex offenders

Requires the court to document the reasons for its decision in respect of an application and to enter those reasons on the court record; and cause a copy of any order made to be served on the Secretary and the offender. Empowers the Secretary to apply for an order in respect of an eligible offender.

The monitoring of serious sex offenders

The monitoring of serious sex offenders

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  1. The responsibility is being removed from the Adult Parole Board following a recommendation from the Harper Review , which was set up after the murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic. Contains a general regulation making power.