The fear of having sex

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While women with this phobia fear any kind of sexual stimulation, men fear seeing or coming in contact with a vagina. Other fears[ edit ] Some sufferers of genophobia may develop the fear as a result of preexisting fears.

The fear of having sex

Parthenophobia As bizarre as it may sound, Parthenophobia is an irrational fear of virgins and young females. Heterophobia This is the fear of the opposite sex i. They can feel like they were taken advantage of and betrayed by those that they trusted.

The fear of having sex

The fear of having sex

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  1. Yes, Oneirogmophobia is the fear of having wet dreams and can cause havoc in a person's sleep cycle as they're scared they'll experience one if they go to sleep. They can often feel lowered self-esteem and even a sense of helplessness.

  2. Once you are 18 we promise to show you this content but not till then! Heterophobia This is the fear of the opposite sex i.