The effect of sex by siblings

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But this was not the case. Thus for purposes of this discussion and even as a general rule we favor the avoidance o f these two value-laden terms.

The effect of sex by siblings

On the whole, the evidence weighs against an extremely alarmist view of sibling sex. On the other hand, a quarter of such experiences appear to be abusive and painful, and may have some long-term negative effects. However, let us look specifically at respondents who had had a h o m o s e x u a l sibling experience.

The effect of sex by siblings

The effect of sex by siblings

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  1. However, they do not test this hypothesis empirically. The distinction between sex play and incest is associated with the Freudian scenario of sexual development, which postulates one intense period of sexual interest before the age of 8 and another one after the onset of puberty, the two being separated by a latency period in which sexual interest abates.