The best oral sex for him

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I even demonstrate on camera how to give clitoral orgasms, G-spot squirting orgasms, full body sensual massages, and more. The goal is shared pleasure and excitement. Most women are on top, allowing for them to control the oral sex being performed on the man.

The best oral sex for him

Just make sure he withdraws in time. This technique is called anilingus, and you can find out more about it here. But sex is always better when you communicate.

The best oral sex for him

The best oral sex for him

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  1. You might even feel the deeper part of her open up even more, kind of like a lightly inflated balloon. Use it on all parts of his member.

  2. The main thing to keep in mind is yes, you are out to excite your man, but keep your comfort in mind as well. As things start to go into our throat, most people have a gag reflex that makes us close up our throat.

  3. The little pea-shaped bulb that pops out over top of the vaginal opening is only the tip of it. Make sure she can lie back and let every muscle go.