The art of being sexy

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We evolve, we grow, and we learn. I shake my head at the women I see drunkenly slobbering over words, dancing with their skirts unknowingly hiked over their heads in nightclubs, or screaming out every four-letter-word we've all seen the reality shows

The art of being sexy

Beyond her physical appearance, a sexy woman has recognized certain truths, is dignified in her choices, and refined in her character. If being a woman is a journey, then being a sexy woman of substance is reaching the peak of the mountain. I have a firm belief that if you have never looked at yourself in all your beauty in the mirror then no one else should be allowed to touch any part of your body or be allowed to see you in your most natural state of true beauty.

The art of being sexy

The art of being sexy

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  1. In whichever decision you choose beautiful it is important to step out on confidence and own who you are — after all gorgeous, confidence the sexiest trait that a woman can have! Do you spend more of your day anxious or worried than you do relaxed and reassured?