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The bill was approved by the Senate in October , in a unanimous vote. For key informant interviews, separate interview guides were developed for each group after pre-analysis of adolescent interviews. One male participant described the message he received in religion classes:

Teen anal sex santiago chile

Moving away from fear-based, moralizing approaches towards more reflective and participatory dialogue with adolescents represents a positive step on the way to encouraging adolescent to be critical thinkers and empowered in the decisions they make regarding their sexuality. It took effect on 22 October If applicants are approved as suitable to adopt, legally only one of them would be the legal parent of the child.

Teen anal sex santiago chile

Teen anal sex santiago chile

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  1. Although communication between male and female friends about sex was uncommon, sexual health topics were often discussed with a partner. From these studies it remains unclear what information is provided by these sources, how this information is communicated and how adolescents judge the trustworthiness of the information they receive.

  2. Four males recounted how school psychologists had talked of masturbation as a natural part of male sexual development.

  3. Sexuality, Sexual health, Reproductive health, Sex education, Adolescents, Chile Background Adolescence is a time of considerable sexual development, driven by biological and cognitive changes entering puberty, coupled with changes in social expectations and interactions [ 1 ]. The highest number of new notifications for STIs and human immunodeficiency virus HIV are in the age group 20—39 years [ 24 , 25 ].

  4. All three school psychologists dismissed the idea of sexual orientation being a cause of bullying in their schools, however one participant described discrimination of a classmate based on suspected homosexual orientation and female FGD participants described a negative attitude towards sexual diversity in their school with peers pointing out students believed to be gay or lesbian. In addition, the measure contemplates the right of joint adoption and filiation automatic parenthood for same-sex couples.