Teaching teens boundaries with sex

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Encourage them to talk to their partner about how they will protect themselves if they are considering sex. Wanting to be liked and accepted can cause them to go along with physical contact they are not ready to have.

Teaching teens boundaries with sex

To be most effective, the house rule has to apply to all members of the home and may have to be reinforced, especially between rivaling siblings, until it becomes a habit. Read the youth fact sheet Signs of an abusive relationship for more information. You are very important to me and we are going to figure out what to do.

Teaching teens boundaries with sex

Teaching teens boundaries with sex

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  1. Talk about consent, and the importance of both people feeling safe and being in full agreement about sex acts. Sexual assault has been in the news frequently over the last year.

  2. It is increasingly becoming illegal around the world to force someone to be sexual through physical threat, bribery with food or other basic needs, taking advantage of this person being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or overpowering this person. Some advice you can provide: