Strange sex customs and taboos

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The earliest dinner plates were undoubtedly formed by nature, rather than humans. Boys start engaging in sexual activity from the age of , while the girls start from 6 years!

Strange sex customs and taboos

True courtship practices between the sexes did not exist to any great extent, and feelings of fondness or affection, if they entered into the equation at all, resulted from compatibility extended over a period of time. As the methods of courtship and the subsequent marriage rites evolved in various ways, it was inevitable that an element of religion should enter into the ceremonies. Kissing the hand or the foot or even the ground on which some royal personage would walk was deemed a mark of respect and homage in ancient times, but scholars of social customs cannot trace the kiss on the lips as a form of affection between lovers ever occurring in antiquity.

Strange sex customs and taboos

Strange sex customs and taboos

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  1. Even the more well-to-do families took "all-over" baths only twice a year, in May and October. While adulterers may still be dealt with quite harshly in many societies around the world, in most Western nations the act of infidelity is regarded with great tolerance.

  2. The bride in the Western world traditionally wears a gown of white, as an emblem of purity. After making such a declaration, he moves the wedding ring to the third finger.